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8 New Fashion Trends For Pakistani People in 2022

Throughout the past few years, many trends came and went. Trends that we thought would never die just disappeared into thin air, and new trends that we couldn’t imagine took their place. Who knows what will happen in 2022? What will be popular then?


Well, I don’t know for sure – but I can tell you what might be trending by looking at some of the most recent fashion trends from Pakistan. Online clothes shopping in Pakistan is on the rise, and we can expect our fashion sense to follow the same trend within the next few years. So, here are eight fashion trends that might be big in Pakistan by 2022:

1. Vintage-inspired clothes

As long as there has been clothing, people have been wearing vintage items. It’s timeless and classic – just like denim. But the difference is, vintage- inspired clothes are more popular than jeans right now. Girls can find modern cuts of vintage dresses and skirts for formal events, while guys can enjoy wearing old school leather jackets or hats to spice up their look.

2. Vivid colors

Colors like green and purple aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can still see people wearing clothes that match their skin tone, but they’re also starting to wear brighter colors like yellow and orange. It might seem like a stretch now, but by 2022 we might be seeing people out and about in electric blue or hot pink all the time!

3. Floral patterns

Floral prints might not be a unique style right now, but they’re a lot more popular than you think. Girls love wearing flowy floral dresses, while guys might enjoy clashing floral prints with other patterns. Floral is a versatile pattern that can look good on almost anyone – and it looks especially amazing when paired with another bold trend like vivid colors or animal print!



4. Animal Print

Animal print has been around for years, but it wasn’t very popular in Western countries until recently. It was originally worn by African tribes to identify if another tribe was nearby, and these days people wear it just because it looks cool.

Guys can get away with wearing leopard print coats or tiger-striped pants, while girls have more to choose from, like cheetah print dresses or zebra print heels!

5. Retro-style clothes

Think about all the old TV shows and movies everyone is obsessed with right now, like Friends and Legally Blonde. Perhaps everyone is just nostalgic for simpler times, because if there’s one thing people are craving it’s clothing that looks like it belongs in another era!

You can find pretty little dresses inspired by fifties fashion, while guys might get away with wearing suspenders or high waisted pants at their next formal event.

6. Oversized coats

It’s not exactly warm outside yet (it rarely ever is in some places), but that doesn’t mean you still don’t need a coat. The thing is, you might not need a heavy or thick winter coat – it might be more useful to have a big, oversized overcoat that can keep your hands warm and still look stylish! Plus, coats aren’t seasonal – everyone from kids to adults should own at least one.

7. Relaxed fit clothing

Clothing used to come in different sizes: small, medium, and large. But now people prefer their clothes to have a relaxed fit no matter what size they are. In fact, some stores don’t offer different sizes anymore – just a relaxed fit! This means that if you’re tall but thin, you probably won’t be able to find cute clothes that fit you in a regular store. You might have to shop online instead – or better yet, design your own clothes and sell them online!





8. Casual clothing for formal events

Formal events like weddings and intimate dinners used to require everyone (including men!) to wear suits and ties, but now you can get away with wearing casual clothes too. People are starting to dress more casually for these occasions because you never know what could happen outside the event!

You might find yourself at a nightclub after the wedding reception finishes, so it’s best not to wear uncomfortable shoes or sweaty clothes. It’s always nice to be comfortable, especially if you plan on dancing all night long!


The only thing you can predict about fashion is that it’s always changing. You might get away with wearing the same style for years, but then suddenly something comes along and changes everything!

Maybe in 2022 we’ll be seeing people wearing even more radical styles than neon colors… But of course, this all depends on your age, personality and lifestyle. If you’re an old grandma who lives in the middle of nowhere, your fashion probably won’t change all that much!








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