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Everything You Need To Know About Mobile App Development | 2022

A website with a working application is considered an advancement because the application provides a better user experience than the web experience. One can access anything by staying on the same page while using an application, unlike scrolling to a website; therefore, more and more websites opt for application development.


Applications are of two types generally 1. Desktop application 2. Mobile application. We are talking about mobile applications as mobile usage is way more than desktops, and people seem  to be more comfortable using mobile applications rather than desktop applications.


Billions of mobile devices are operational throughout the world in which billions of applications are running, but how these applications are developed and the procedure to create a mobile application. This article will tell you the steps of mobile application development.


An application is developed in an average of 3 to 6 months, where a certain period is specified for certain steps. There are 5 steps of mobile application development in general.


  1. Specification: This is the first step of application development. Before starting the workon an application, developers have to know the specifications of an application, like what the client expects from its application. What should be the size of the application, size of its setup, performance capacity, graphics, and user experience? Everything needs to be clarified in the first step so developers can move forward accordingly. This step covers almost 2 to 4 weeks of application development.


  1. App Design & Wireframe: After the first step has been covered, the next step is the application’s design. It is like interior designing, where developers design the outlook of an application, its user interface, styling guide, dimensions, resolution, and application graphics. A prototype is designed and developed for the required application, this process may sound simple, but in reality, it is a complex process. It engages many people fromthe project manager app developer to graphic designer, and this process usually takes up to 2 to 4 weeks to complete.


  1. App development & Coding: This step is the most important or the backbone of any Coding is the soul of any program, be it a website or an application. Code is everything that makes the application work. It is the third step in application development, where the application is programmedwith the help of coding. The


functions that are supposed to be performed by the application are installed by writing the code. In short, coding behaves like the brain of an application; hence this process is crucial, and it consumes 6 to 12 weeks or even more.


  1. Testing & Bug Fixing: Till the 3rd step of coding, the application becomes ready and all the functions are installed now it needs to be tested whether the written code works properly or not. In this process of testing, the application is tested by different If the application passes all the testing steps, it is said to be ok, and if not, developers combine to identify the bugs. After identifying bugs, they are fixed until the application runs smoothly. This process usually consumes up to 2 weeks.


  1. Publishing the app in the App Store & Google Play: The last step of application creation is publishing and advertising. An application that so many efforts have developed is finally made available for the general public to download and use it. It is published on every platform, whether the android play store or apple store. The marketing team is there to advertise this application on different platforms like search engines and social media networks so the maximum number of people can get to know about this newly developed application.




This is an informative article for people curious about how mobile applications are developed and published on different platforms.

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