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The ESTA United States

Once upon a time, visiting the United States was not only expensive but also difficult as the procedure was long and time taking. Nowadays, everything is folded easily so that it becomes convenient for all of us to approach anything we wish for. Now it is not necessary to have a visa to visit the USA. Anyone can visit the USA with a tourist visa which is also called a transit visa or e-ESTA.

A brief introduction to ESTA

ESTA is “electronic system for travel authorization”. ESTA visa waiver program is launched by the government of America to facilitate people all over the world to visit the USA. It is an electronic program where all the procedures will be held online and you don’t need to visit an embassy. The application procedure is easy, simple, and fast. Therefore, the ESTA visa is an all-time favorite of all tourist lovers because this visa is not only applicable for visiting purposes. It is also very useful if your plane lands on American land for a few hours’ stay because it is not allowed in America to step into its territory without an authorized visa. However, there are some eligibility conditions to apply for an ESTA visa.

Terms & conditions for ESTA visa

The terms & conditions are briefly listed below.

  1. A valid & biometric electronic passport is necessary.
  2. The reason for having an ESTA visa should be a visit to the USA or a business trip ( you can’t use ESTA visit for employment purpose)
  3. The visit period is 3 months or 90 days from the starting date. ( you can’t stay longer more than that in any case)
  4. You can only apply for an ESTA visa if your country is listed in the ESTA visa program.
  5. After the above-mentioned points, your answers on the ESTA visa application form will decide the approval or rejection of your application.

Now, let’s dive straight into the application procedure for an ESTA visa.

Application procedure for ESTA

As you know now the ESTA program is online and you have to fill the form online which takes only a few minutes. Let’s quickly discuss the application form.

Personal Information

Firstly, you have to answer the questions related to yourself like name, father name, country name, marital status, profession, Gmail address, and biometric passport number.

General information

Here the questions would be about your mental health, physical health, and legal situation. This part of the application form is general where the authorities will judge your personality and traits.

Payment deposit

After answering all

For the questions, take a look back to check again that you’ve answered everything correctly and nothing is missed.  Now, it’s time to make a payment for application processing and transfer costs. The payment process is also online and you can easily transact the money via credit/debit card, PayPal, or any other online account. The application process is completed here.

Mail from ESTA

Within 72 hours of application submission, you’ll be informed of the approval or rejection of your application.

For more information click here the application procedure for an ESTA authorization.



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