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Control Console | The Control Room Designed Equipment

There may be hundreds of control room equipment designing companies that excel in designing and manufacturing highly sophisticated control consoles. Most of the companies has been doing this business for more than 28 years and is pioneer in control equipment design and optimization to make them suitable and applicable to any project and requirement. Control Consoles by Gesab are designed as high-definition quality equipment which is customized according to the client’s needs and requirements. The quality and integrity of the product are strictly monitored and the Control Consoles are failure-free.


Control Console Design


The environmental effect is also considered and the Control Consoles are designed in ways to cause less harm to the environment of the earth. Highly durable materials with no compromise on durability which are made out of recycled materials and can be easily recycled are used in the creation of the Control Console. By using this type of material the Control Consoles can be easily fit into any place in any circumstances and conditions as the best and sustainable tools.


The Control Consoles made by following this structure and procedure are highly durable as well as optimizable and every part and piece can be optimized to clients’ requirements. It is also made sure that the parts which are broken or not working according to clients’ need are replaced and repaired without any delay or inconvenience. Control Consoles come with furniture and supporting equipment that is designed to be durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly to have a positive impact on the environment.


Control Console As Durable


All the Control Consoles are specifically designed and closely examined to withstand any challenging environment in the most outstanding way. The Control Consoles are designed to be long-lasting, durable, and environment friendly. The credits for the design features go to the timeless and universal design, the material quality, the selection process of the material, the quality of the designing process, the superb engineering techniques, the outstanding manufacturing process, and the marvelous quality check and modular control system.


Extreme cautions are adopted in environmental matters and the design features are closely examined in the making of Control Consoles, the products, the support equipment, the assembly lines, and facilities are designed to ensure the maximum environmental benefits. For this, the control consoles have secured the GREENGUARD certification which is the fruit of the limitless quality assurance of the environment-related strategies. It is also proof of the air quality of Control Consoles air. The material used for the Control Consoles’ construction and the air it is affecting are all environment friendly and demonstrate the concerns for the betterment, wellbeing, and safety of the people who are close to their control consoles.


Specialized design furniture, support equipment, and other technical measures are also part of the Control Consoles. It is made sure that the designs are highly environment friendly and the Control Consoles are made out of recycled and recyclable material without compromising the quality. Internationally recognized safety protocols are followed to ensure the client’s maximum trust and operator’s maximum safety. Creating a working environment that is beyond the client’s expectations and needs.


New Control Console


A new control console idea also evolved that represents the Control Console philosophy and is seen in the quality of the finishes, integrated technology, and is designed with clean, beautiful, and pure forms. Technical furniture has been designed to facilitate complete access to installers, operators, maintenance, and cleaning employees, ensuring that the Control Console is fully functional and accessible under all conditions.


The key is customization, or the capacity to create projects that are personalized to the customer, making them one-of-a-kind. Control Consoles technological furniture may be fully customized to satisfy the client’s most stringent requirements. This adaptability enables the consoles to be employed in corporate locations and convert the control center into an additional source of intra-company communication.


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