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Waalaxy – A Tool for Automatic Prospecting on Several Social Media Channels

Meta Description: Waalaxy will increase your business productivity thanks to its automation. Contact prospects that are hot, cold, or warm in any channel. Respond to prospects and send bulk messages. Follow up and track your leads, create reports, and much more.

What is Prospecting in Sales?

Prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers and then systematically communicating with them in the hopes of converting them from potential customers to current customers.

Prospecting is all about compiling a database of names, numbers, emails, and other relevant identifying information so that you have a resource to use when planning sales activities. There are four main components to the practice of prospecting:

1.) Identifying prospects (i.e., likely customers),

2.) Scheduling prospects for meetings,

3.) Conducting the meetings and

4.) Following up with actions that demonstrate your commitment to selling your product or service.

Why Prospecting is Important?

The key to building a new business is to make your pipeline of potential customers by spending time developing a relationship with them. This is not just about talking to decision-makers; it’s also about creating a dialogue with the people who can influence their buying decision.

Your challenge is finding enough time to treat everyone with the attention they deserve. When you are working all day on other tasks, this isn’t easy. Prospecting allows you to find time to concentrate on key prospects and build an effective pipeline.

Why is it important to have a prospecting database?

A well-built prospecting database will help your salespeople make more sales. It’s easy to maintain and gives you a wealth of information about your customers and prospects. So, you can: Reach out to potential customers who could use your products or services Reach out to lapsed customers and develop incremental business from existing clients Grow revenue by reaching new markets.

Waalaxy – Your All-in-One Prospecting Solution

Remove the headache of prospecting with this powerful and advanced prospecting tool. Waalaxy allows you to automatically contact your prospects on different channels through entirely automated sequences. Automatically initiate conversations on LinkedIn, send messages to Twitter users who have retweeted one of your posts, automatically send emails to leads captured on Facebook, and even more!

As professional salespeople, we know how to generate sales leads and then convert them into customers. These automated sequences are designed and built by professionals for salespeople; it allows you to skip all the manual work of prospecting on several different channels so you can focus on what’s most important – closing deals.

Why Choose Waalaxy?


Waalaxy is a predictive data-driven platform that makes it easier to find and connect with new customers, people who are looking for your products and services. Their patented algorithms identify conversations critical to your customer success. They can pinpoint high-quality leads faster than other firms using costly strategies.

By automating the sourcing process for your store, you can focus on serving your customers without sacrificing the time it takes to look for new business. Furthermore, using Waalaxy’s data analysis tools, you can be more selective with the people you share your company with, as well as the people you provide information to.


Using Waalaxy, you can communicate with a professional using advanced marketing automation across several channels. Not only will Waalaxy save you time by coordinating contacts across multiple social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.—we’re currently working with many of the world’s top brands to help them grow more efficiently through marketing automation— but we also make sure we don’t miss out on potential leads and conversions by maximizing your time!


Our multi-channel marketing tool allows you to target your prospects, no matter where they are, seamlessly. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or in their inbox, you can reach your prospects across media – instantly.


Waalaxy allows you to automate your lead generation and prospecting workflows through completely automated sequences. Use the platform to interact with your prospects and customers by sending messages automatically across email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.






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